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In Hotel Vilar América you will find a privileged location in the financial center of Bogotá for business events, courses, conferences and marriages among others.

Our 7 rooms have great accessibility, high speed wireless connection, capacity of reception between 20 and 80 people and a great personalized service, makes us the best option to carry out your social or business event. Ask for our catering service to accompany your event with high quality food along with video and sound, for an additional value.
The success of any business event requires a room that is equipped with technology, strategic location and the advice and support of a group of professionals.
Our classrooms are equipped with all the comforts and technology to teach courses, conferences and talks of any kind. Find the right room for your needs.
Celebrate your cocktails, birthdays or year-end parties, with an organization and excellent personal attention, thanks to our halls for events, equipped with everything you need in Bogota.
Hotel Vilar America, is a wonderful place for the organization and preparation of your wedding ceremony in Bogotá, where you will find fully decorated rooms, catering service, an excellent location for your guests and a service that meet your expectations for these special moments.
If you require the rental of a room with large space for your social or business events at a comfortable price and an excellent location our offer of rooms for events in Bogotá, is the right one for your needs.
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Distinctions that are synonymous of excellence
The awards and distinctions are the best proof that our quality service and hospitality to all travelers like you, are constant and encourage us to work more to improve. We are happy to receive these distinctions over 35 years of experience.
We are an environmentally and socially responsible hotel
Hotel Vilar América as a tourism services company, is aware and committed in reducing the negative impacts within the industry, concerning environmental, socio-cultural and economic issues. For this purpose, it has developed programs for the efficient use of natural resources, the reduction of waste, and use of pollutants, the promotion of Colombian cultural heritage, support to local communities, and makes great efforts in the prevention of sexual exploitation of minors.

The Hotel strives to raise awareness among its staff and guests, it enforces legislation compliance, and respect for the rights of its employees, suppliers, customers and guests, within a framework for sustainable development.

Hotel Vilar América was one of the first seven hotels to be certified in Sustainability. It was awarded with the Colombian Environmental Seal, and recently in 2015, it obtained the certification at The Code.

Vibrant Bogotá Guide

Vibrate with the excellent plans Bogota has for you. By day or by night, this city never stops moving.
Traveling is one of the most recreational activities we can do, but how to get the most out of it? These recommendations will avoid a headache to enjoy your trip as it should be.
If you live in Bogotá or you will stay here some days and want to find plans for you and your partner, this article is for you. Read more about them here.
We are all aware of the daily worries and the pace in which we live today. Even we are very well informed of the harmful consequences of living with stress, anguish, anxiety and other manifestations of the lack of a break in our day to day. However, many still do not know the benefits of trying to live more slowly and resort to methods to elevate endorphins when we feel irritated or over stressed.
In how many magazines, books and visits have you heard that the key to conquering a person is to be authentic and to get out of the routine?. It may be easier to say it than to apply it, since couples often feel comfortable and use to do plans such as eating out, going to the movies or simply staying at home.
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