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Bogotá: The best experiences for 2020

The year 2019 was a period of transformation and learning which demanded determination, confidence in our capabilities and, most importantly, being proactive in dynamic situations.

For this reason, in the year 2020, we must build on that experience and put into action both our personal and professional plans. In this sense, it is key to start the year with a small break so that we can reconnect with ourselves, recharge energies that allow us to continue with those schemes with which we move during the year.

To welcome this new period that starts with a stay of rest is health. This small break becomes an ideal space to rest our bodies and minds, to create new ways of perceiving and experiencing life.

In this context, it is essential to choose intelligently where to spend your rest time. Hotel Vilar América is a family business committed to the comfort, care, and satisfaction of its guests.

For more than 40 years our organization offers travel services related to accommodation, food, and the organization of events (social, company, courses, conferences) which, not only we are concerned with because of the processes we carry out, but also for the experience we acquire. That is why we work carefully and we offer innovative solutions to those who visit our facilities.

Hotel Vilar América, a company committed to the environment

The spirit of improving ourselves every day is what drives us to achieve high-quality standards and work according to the best environmental practices, thus improving our processes continuously and, among other achievements, being worthy of B-Corp certification.

This certification works under a new concept that combines corporate business with positive processes for the environment and society.

Therefore, in Hotel Vilar América, in line with this great recognition, we will continue to keep into consideration our consumers and clients, workers, the local community and the environment at the moment of taking our decisions.

In a context as dynamic, complex and competitive as the current one, the willingness of being useful to the society is what makes a difference between one organization and another; between an organization that evolves in order to adapt to the changes, and another one that, unfortunately, remains unchanged, or that, yearns the success from others by not being able to respond to the changing circumstances.

Consequently, we have adapted progressively to the technological advances that require a sophisticated hotel company like ours in order to carry our daily operations in harmony with nature, and, in the long term, to contribute and achieve a positive impact on it.

For this purpose, we have installed solar panels to make the most of the solar exposure by contributing to a more sustainable environment and improving our profitability; we have carried out plastic waste reduction by modifying our amenities, which we offer to our clients to facilitate their stay by making it more comfortable and friendly with the environment; lastly, we have implemented energy-saving heaters optimizing energy costs.

In Hotel Vilar América, not only can you enjoy its privileged location, you can enjoy the experience of being in the financial center of Bogota and close to different shops, but at the same time, have the satisfaction of having stayed in an environmentally and socially responsible hotel.

San Antonio de Tequendama, an invitation you should not decline

Finca en San Antonio de Tequendama

Would you like to be in a place far away from the pollution or the annoying noises of big cities?

Would you like to enjoy the company of your loved ones in a calm, healthy and pleasant setting?

As you may know, to be in contact with nature makes us more sensitive and helps us value everything we have in a responsible way. Besides, in many cases, it reduces anxiety and stress levels that our bodies generally manifest due to concerns, study, work or city traffic.

For these reasons, we invite you to visit our finca in San Antonio de Tequendama, a place where you can find yourself and enjoy all the comfort, attention and care our company continually strives to provide.

You will be able to spend an amazing day by visiting and knowing the flora and fauna that surrounds our beautiful finca, as well as enjoying ecological hikes, nature tours, horseback rides, day trips, and other plans we have prepared for you.

Colombia 2020, an opportunity to visit the country

Colombia 2020

Are you planning to make a trip this 2020?

Would you like to know pleasant, memorable and beautiful places and that the experience fits your budget?

Then you must choose Colombia as a destination for this 2020.

National geography, as you surely know, has a great variety of landscapes, climates, and especially gastronomic offers, that is why making a trip through those charming and exciting places exalt the Colombian riches.

Because of this, Colombia has been chosen as the best tourist destination in the world for 2020. What an honor!

It is a recognition of the effort that all the participants of the touristic system put daily, who make Colombia a tourist destination with heavenly places you should not miss… Places like Cartagena, Barranquilla, Santa Marta, Bogotá, Medellín y Cali have a great potential to please all travelers from different parts of the world.

Distinctions that are synonymous of excellence

The awards and distinctions are the best proof that our quality service and hospitality to all travelers like you, are constant and encourage us to work more to improve. We are happy to receive these distinctions over 35 years of experience.

Travellers Choice Award
Travellers Choice Award
Tripadvisor Certificado de Excelencia 2019
Tripadvisor Travellers Choice
Tripadvisor Travellers Choice 2017
Tripadvisor Green Leader Plata
Hotel Booking Award Award
Suite Booking Award Award
Hotels Loved by Guests

We are an environmentally and socially responsible hotel

Hotel Vilar América as a tourism services company, is aware and committed in reducing the negative impacts within the industry, concerning environmental, socio-cultural and economic issues. For this purpose, it has developed programs for the efficient use of natural resources, the reduction of waste, and use of pollutants, the promotion of Colombian cultural heritage, support to local communities, and makes great efforts in the prevention of sexual exploitation of minors.

The Hotel strives to raise awareness among its staff and guests, it enforces legislation compliance, and respect for the rights of its employees, suppliers, customers and guests, within a framework for sustainable development.

Hotel Vilar América was one of the first seven hotels to be certified in Sustainability. It was awarded with the Colombian Environmental Seal, and recently in 2015, it obtained the certification at The Code.

Eco Leader Tripadvisor Sello ambiental Sello Colombia The Code Hotel Vilar B Corpo Hotel Vilar Bioscore Sociedades BIC
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