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Christmas in Colombia: keys to enjoy and receive 2020 in a big way

Christmas in Colombia is the most anticipated time of the year to share with family. This great Christmas party invades all the cities of Colombia. Lights, shows and the traditional novenas are shared in every corner of Colombian cities.

Next, we will tell you about some of the traditions and plans that you will live if you visit Bogotá in this long-awaited time:
    Since early November, everyone in Colombia starts feeling the spirit of holidays. But it is the night of Dec 7, which officially marks the start of the festive season. In "Day of the little candles" you can breathe the Christmas spirit in the air. Hundreds of people light candles and lanterns inside and outside their homes that later lead to the Virgin.

    This year there is a special Grand Christmas concert 2020 that will be held in the Movistar Arena (so close to the Hotel Vilar America) on Dec 7th. Given the spirit of people of Colombia, I assure you that this event will be full of magic and the perfect way to welcome the holiday season.

    Christmas is indeed the festival of lights in Colombia. The entire city is enveloped with lights and Christmas decorations. It feels like visiting a magical wonderland with so many colors, lights and love all around. People of Colombia celebrate Christmas with full spiritual zeal and fervor. The city speaks the language of love.

    Staying at the Hotel Vilar América will be the perfect place to make the route of the lights of Bogotá. The night bike path that takes place at this time will allow you to enjoy a cultural program that you will love.

    Other emblematic places and cities for the festival of Colombian Christmas lights are: The route of the lights of Boyacá and especially the festival of Villa de Leyva, which is one of the most recommended events to tour the Christmas lighting (ask for our tour to this beautiful town). Medellín, Quindío, Cali and Barranquilla each year present innovative proposals full of colors to enjoy with the family.

    From December 16 until Christmas Eve, the entire town gathers around the manger and sings Christmas carols. These nine days of prayer, everyone prays and sings until the birth of "El niño Dios."

    The Hotel Vilar América invites you to share, pray and sing these days with all the collaborators and guests of the Hotel.

    This celebration of "La novena de aguinaldos" is called "aguinaldos" (Christmas bonus) due to the gratification given to a person for Christmas. It’s very common in these novenas, to share with family and friends delicious snacks such as "buñuelos" (frittered snack) and "natilla" (custard).

    Singing Christmas carols like "tutaina", "Mi burrito sabanero", "A la nanita nana" and "Peces en el río", can not be missing in the novenas.

    After Christmas, everyone gets ready for the New Year. Colombia is preparing to celebrate the beginning of a new year, and we would like to tell you about the main traditions that are usually performed at this time:

    • Yellow underwear: Almost everyone wears yellow underwear, it will allow us to have a year full of prosperity and joy.

    • Carry money in your pocket or wallet: It is said that receiving the new year with "platica" (slang term for money) will make money come all year.

    • Lentil, Beans or chickpeas: The intention of this is to have a year full of economic, spiritual and emotional prosperity.

    • Make a list of goals or wishes.

    • Walking with the suitcase for the streets: To have a year full of travel.

    • Twelve grapes: With each one, we must make a wish for each month of the coming year…. which means we must eat 12 grapes!

    In many towns and cities of Colombia, the "muñeco de año viejo" (Old year Dummy) is a tradition that consists of burning a dummy on December 31 at 12 pm, which will help to leave behind all the negative and attract the good things to this new year.

Hotel Vilar América wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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