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Key questions before making an event

It is not strange that at the time of beginning to organize an event we are not very clear about where we should start. To have a guide on this, we have organized a series of questions that you should ask yourself before planning your event. The answers to these questions will help you to direct your efforts and to know in what you must fix your attention.

  • What kind of event are you planning? There are several types of events, which we have mentioned and described in another article. It is essential that you start by understanding what type of event you are planning because in that way you will know which is your most important element or one that you should pay more attention to. Is it the living room space or the number of servers or the quality of the sound effects and lights? Everything depends on the type of event.
  • What is the budget of the event? This is a clear question to start organizing and it is not coincidental that it is second on our list. Everything will come off consequently of the amount of money to which we have to adjust. Not only in business events a budget should be made. Also in social events it is necessary to organize financially before starting.
  • How many guests or attendees does the event have? This question will determine the space that we will need to carry out the event and, therefore, the location. This is one of the first aspects in which one should think because the reservation of the salons for events must be done in advance and nothing assures us that we will find the required availability a few days before the event. Therefore, define a number of guests and start looking for rooms that fit the number of attendees. If you do not have an exact number, take an approximate and add between 5 to 8 more assistants (depending on the magnitude of the event), in case your assistants increase. Be sure to ask what capacity the room has and the different ways in which the tables can be organized. In hotels usually have several rooms of different capacities and tables and chairs in each of these can be organized in several ways: fishbone, classroom, auditorium, among others.
  • Who is the event for? This is an important question to determine how the event should be communicated. It is not the same to communicate an event addressed to entrepreneurs of the textile sector, that to communicate a social event to adolescents. This will also define important aspects of the event such as the menu, time, atmosphere and decoration.
  • On what date should the event be executed? As we mentioned in point 3, this aspect is important because it gives us in advance the task of reserving the place where the event will take place. In this way, once the room is booked, other tasks may be carried out taking into account the deadline that is the date of completion of the event. Tasks such as hiring sound and light equipment, live music, waiters, floral arrangements, folders marked for corporate events, catering services, among others.
  • What are the objectives of the event or what are the expectations regarding the event? No less important than all of the above is to know very well what the objectives of the event are. Knowing what is sought with the execution of the event, will guide us at the moment of having a doubt in any of the decisions that must be made in its development. You should always go back to the why? And for what? in order to make sure you're going the right direction.

These questions will help you clarify the scenario in front of the planning of your events regardless of the size.

Distinctions that are synonymous of excellence

The awards and distinctions are the best proof that our quality service and hospitality to all travelers like you, are constant and encourage us to work more to improve. We are happy to receive these distinctions over 35 years of experience.

Bioscore Award
Travellers Choice Award
Hotel Booking Award Award
Suite Booking Award Award
Travellers Choice Award
Booking Guest Award
Tripadvisor Green Leader Plata
Detecta Hotel Award
Tripadvisor Certificado de Excelencia 2019
Hotels Loved by Guests
Tripadvisor Travellers Choice
Tripadvisor Travellers Choice 2017

We are an environmentally and socially responsible hotel

Hotel Vilar América as a tourism services company, is aware and committed in reducing the negative impacts within the industry, concerning environmental, socio-cultural and economic issues. For this purpose, it has developed programs for the efficient use of natural resources, the reduction of waste, and use of pollutants, the promotion of Colombian cultural heritage, support to local communities, and makes great efforts in the prevention of sexual exploitation of minors.

The Hotel strives to raise awareness among its staff and guests, it enforces legislation compliance, and respect for the rights of its employees, suppliers, customers and guests, within a framework for sustainable development.

Hotel Vilar América was one of the first seven hotels to be certified in Sustainability. It was awarded with the Colombian Environmental Seal, and recently in 2015, it obtained the certification at The Code.

Eco Líder Tripadvisor Sello ambiental Sello Colombia The Code Hotel Vilar B Corpo Hotel Vilar Bioscore
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